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The effects of fire damage, whether from a lightning strike, a candle left burning, or a kitchen fire can be extremely devastating to any property owner. A disaster involving fire can be a time of emotional exhaustion, confusion, and frustration. It's for this reason Dolbier a fully licensed General Contractor is prepared to handle every obstacle faced in restoring your home or business to its former state. Fire damage can lead to an unsafe environment for property owners and their loved ones. Dolbier is available to take the uncertainty out of the situation and get your life back on track. Fire damage creates an unfortunate number of concerns that need to be addressed immediately for a successful restoration. From securing the property, packing/inventory of belongings, smoke odor/soot removal, structural repairs, flooring restoration/replacement, content cleaning, or ozone treatment, Dolbier stands ready to handle all situations with quality results. Whether you are located in Boone, North Wilkesboro, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock or anywhere in between Dolbier Disaster Restoration is here to help. Remember when disaster strikes, whether busted pipes, frozen pipes or water heaters leaking, the right response team can mean the difference between recovery and total loss. In the midst of chaos, you need an experienced business with a proven track record and solid relationships with leading insurance providers. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us.



Most insurance policies state property owners have the responsibility to mitigate damages to prevent further damages from occurring. Dolbier specializes in securing your home or business to prevent an already unfortunate situation from becoming worse. In times of fire damage, burglary incidents, and vandalism Dolbier is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



When you experience a fire in the home or business, the immediate physical damage is quite evident and disheartening. However, smoke odor and soot removal is an after effect Dolbier takes very seriously. The long-term effects of smoke odor and soot can become an even bigger problem if not carefully and thoroughly addressed.  Dolbier specializes in not only repairing the physical damage a fire creates, but also the damage that is hard to see right away. We follow a rigorous and thorough process to ensure the effects of smoke and soot on your home or business are completely eliminated.



Dolbier Disaster Restoration is a fully licensed General Contractor and can restore any item through our five point inspection, demolition, cleaning, restoration and repair process. If an item can be restored, we will restore it! Dolbier's professional service and project management team will work with you and your insurance company to navigate the intricacies of residential/commercial property restoration. Dolbier Restoration's long standing partnerships with local and national insurance companies allows for a streamlined process for all involved. We are devoted to this partnership long term with our eye always on implementing ways to save money for home/business owners and insurance companies. At Dolbier Disaster Restoration we are equipped to handle and complete restoration jobs ranging from a hundred dollars to multi-million dollar jobs. So when an disaster emergency strikes, stay calm and call Dolbier.



Dolbier's service team strives to save and restore the floors in your home or business no matter the level of damage. However, after evaluating the damage our project management team may recommend to remove and replace the floors as a more cost effective solution to restoration. Every situation is different and we treat each customer with care as if the property were our own. We provide a turn key experience for all our residential and commercial customers from project start to end.



We realize that all your items are valuable and should be handled and moved professionally. Therefore, Dolbier’s experienced professionals will work with you and your insurance adjuster to pack-out and inventory your personal items. Once packed our service team will load and transport via small/large box truck to Dolbier's climate controlled storage facility where it will be cleaned, labeled, and stored. Upon project completion and at the customers convenience Dolbier will load, move, and relocate all your belongings back to their proper place within the home or business.



Once we have packed-out, inventoried, and transported your personal belongings to our climate controlled storage facility, we proceed with the cleaning process. Whether it be through the use of a chemical sponge, our state-of-the-art hydroxyl machines, or another number of cleaning solutions we take great pride in treating your valuables with extreme care.


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