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The effects of water damage, whether it be from a broken water pipe or an unfortunate flood disaster is a situation that requires immediate response. The experienced professionals at Dolbier Disaster Restoration stand ready to respond to any water related emergency at your home or business with speed and efficiency. Our professional project management and service team will take the necessary steps to restore your property back to its former state. Our team will remove the water, dry, dehumidify, disinfect, and deodorize your home or business so as to not allow for further damage. In combination with our service first approach, Dolbier a fully licensed General Contractor uses industry specific equipment to insure complete satisfaction at the end of every project. Whether you are located in Boone, North Wilkesboro, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock or anywhere in between Dolbier Disaster Restoration is here to help. Remember when disaster strikes the right response team can mean the difference between recovery and total loss. In the midst of chaos, you need an experienced business with a proven track record and solid relationships with leading insurance providers. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us.



Floors and moderately wet drywall take anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days to dry depending on the type of floor and the extent of damage. Structural drying is much more of a scientific process requiring Dolbier's certified water technicians trained in the use of specialized moisture equipment. If not handled properly, even a small water loss can turn into a major problem. Coverage issues, destruction of items that should not otherwise have been affected, and mold all pose serious problems if not quickly and efficiently dealt with. Dolbier takes pride in having an extensive industry specific inventory of drying equipment - air scrubbers, air movers, heaters, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and more. The restoration professionals at Dolbier are trained and certified to handle all aspects of drying and dehumidifying your home or business.



As a fully licensed General Contractor we can assess whether or not there is hidden damage when your home or business has been affected by water damage. Water, as we know, will follow the path of least resistance and in the case of standing water can seep though the floor covering, down to sub-floors and wick up walls and furniture. Dolbier offers a one-stop shop in which we handle all aspects of structural removal and replacement, including:


  • Remove & replace sub-floor

  • Remove & replace floor coverings

  • Remove & replace drywall

  • Remove & replace trim/baseboards

  • Remove & replace wallpaper

  • Painting



No matter the type and severity of the water loss, Dolbier Disaster Restoration is here to help. Our experienced professionals will work along side the insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage to your floor, walls or ceiling and determine whether restoration or replacement is the best course of action for your residential or commercial property. We realize that every situation is different and we treat each customer’s property as if it were our very own.


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